How does Troop 1 manage payments for fees and activities?

Scoutbook Payment Log

When you log in to Scoutbook you will see a Payments Log tab. Any balance due for a scout can be found here. Any fees or activity costs will be added to the Payments Log. If you have a balance due please send in the total using Zelle.



Send Zelle Payments to:

Many banks use Zelle for digital payments. Click here to check if you already have access to Zelle via your bank’s mobile app. Once is added to your list of Zelle recipients future payments are a breeze.


  • NO FEES!

  • Fast, safe and easy way to send money in minutes with friends, family and others you trust

  • No checks or cash needed

  • Many banks already use Zelle and if your bank isn’t on the list it is easy to download the app and connect your debit card. Click here to visit their website.